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Cinema & Video Production Reel – Larry Cheuk Digital

Digital Cinema & Video Production

LC Digital Production is a San Francisco bay area based video production company founded by Larry Cheuk. Videos have been produced for clients such as PayPal, Chronicle Books, Intercontinental Hotel, Williams Sonoma, UC Berkeley and more. Larry Cheuk & his team produces international advertising content for television and web based broadcast.

Ultra High Definition Video Production: Unparalleled Image quality at an affordable price.

This is LC Digital Productions latest Digital Cinema and Video Production Reel featuring the latest in ultra high definition technology the RED Scarlet Cinema Camera.

Revolution in Action

SCARLET-X DRAGON and SCARLET-X-MYSTERIUM-X bring your images to life with 4K footage that will change the way you look at motion.  No matter if you’re shooting a feature film or web content to go side-by-side with your stills, you will be working with crisp REDCODE RAW files that give you ultimate freedom and control when finished.  SCARLET-X M-X and SCARLET-X DRAGON harness the power to bring life to imagery and imagery to life.