Knobbe Martens Motion Graphics Video

Knobbe Martens Motion Graphics Video

This 2014 New Year welcome video produced by Jstokes & Larry Cheuk Digital.

Jstokes Advertising Agency on Knobbe Martens branding

Wicked smart. Ever-vigilant. Right now, and ready for the next. Knobbe Martens: IP for a Age.
Awards for their Knobee Martens Campaign include:

1st Place – Advertising Campaign, 2013 LMA Your Honor Awards Honoree – 2013 Webby Awards

About Knobbe Martens

Knobbe Martens is an agent of innovation, providing clients worldwide with forward-focused Intellectual Property law service and representation. We are one of the largest and fastest-growing IP law firms, with more than 275 attorneys and scientists representing the complete spectrum of technologies and IP practice areas.

We combine unmatched technical and litigation expertise to deliver superior results in both transactional and contested matters, for both cutting edge start-ups and established Fortune 500 companies. Our work spans fields ranging from physics to pharmaceuticals and entertainment to engineering.

But perhaps more impressive than our scope is our skill. We are established leaders in our fields—scientists, engineers and thinkers who blend deep educational and technical knowledge with a strategic focus gleaned from our real-world business experience.

We know your issues. Your pressures. And should the need arise, we know how to aggressively protect the assets that give your business its competitive edge—with extensive experience and intimate knowledge of domestic and international judicial systems.

Whatever our role, our goal is simple: to advance and protect those whose innovations propel the world forward.